Windows 11 Review – Features, System Requirements and How To Download & Install

windows-11-reviewThe tech world has once again been awakened by the wonderful news of Windows 11’s innovation. Following Microsoft’s decision in 2015 that there will be no more inventions in the desktop operating system, the innovation comes after a six-year hiatus. This new operating system replaces Windows 10, which has provided excellent service to Microsoft users.

The move, on the other hand, appears to have been made in response to Chrome OS’s robust competition. As a result, the world’s leading computer service provider replied with this breakthrough.

Despite its resemblance to the previous operating system, Windows 11 has a few new capabilities that were not available in Windows 10. This move has ignited much excitement in the face of Microsoft customers.


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System Requirements

As a new system, consumers have high expectations, and they want to know how far they should go to ensure that the operating system runs smoothly on their PC.


Despite the lofty expectations, the minimal needs are modest: 4GB RAM, 1GHz CPU, and 68 GB storage. A PC with a TPM security chip and Secure Boot functionality will also be required.

Furthermore, a 64-bit CPU will be used exclusively, replacing the 32-bit version found in Windows 10. Unlike the previous system, users must determine whether their computer is capable of running Windows 11 and has a CPU model that is not older than 2017.

  • CPU: 1GHz or faster on a compatible 64-bit processor.
  • RAM: 4GB or bigger
  • Storage: 64GB or larger (for updates and enabling specific features)
  • System firmware: UEFI or secure boot capable.
  • TPM (Trusted Platform Module 2.0 version)
  • Display: High Definition HD 720P display bigger than nine inches.

Windows 11 Features

The start button was formerly located on the bottom left side of the screen in prior editions. In the new windows, its position changes based on the type of software you were using. The button, on the other hand, will remain in the same position as the new system, regardless of which program is running.

In comparison to the old taskbar, the new one is smaller and has fewer buttons with less information. As a result, you will most likely be unaware of the total number of programs you are managing.

The panel controls, folder icons, and panel controls in File Explorer have been changed, with a simpler ribbon in the top portion in particular.

The Windows 11 widget panel, which is similar to the previous one, displays news, sports, and other information.

The settings interface has been improved, although it looks a lot like the one in Windows 10. Below are further features of this OS;

• Design

Even though windows 11 is not yet complete, it comes with some amazing and stylish features but Microsoft is expected to make some minor changes once in a while, in the years to come.

Windows 11 has a new attractive design which is softer and simpler to use. It has rounded corners on the icons and is also streamlined.

The start menu and other buttons are centered on the task bar unlike on the left corner in the older windows versions. There is also a new task view button next to the start button which looks like two windows overlapping each other.

• Multitasking Features

The desktop features four multiple desktops which help in multi-tasking and more control. You can open different desktops for example for work and play. When you click on the task view button, you will see the desktops that are open and an option to add a new one which you can name differently.

Operating multiple apps at once has been made easier and faster by the new and improved snap assist and layouts.

Widgets are also available which are perfect for weather, news and calendar.
Gamers with a compatible hard drive have been considered with auto HD and direct storage.

Is Windows 11 Really Out?

This question has been asked around for a while now without any certainty but finally on the 5th of October 2021, Microsoft officially launched and released Windows 11.

It took approximately six years for this major upgrade after the release of Windows 10 in 2015. The upgrade is available for free from Windows 10 if your PC is qualified which is determined by how old and compatible it is.

Most desktops and laptops on sale now have Windows 11 pre-installed. Microsoft has not yet released all major features so the full upgrade will be available to all computers by mid-2022.

Beta versions have been available since 24th June, 2021 and those who installed this can now upgrade to the final version once it’s complete.

You will receive a notification from windows update to let you know when windows 11 will be available though you can check manually.

5 Major Differences Between Windows 10 and Windows 11

1. A New User Interface Design

The user interface of any device is what everyone looks forward to. With an appealing visual, it’s easier for you to decide which model to choose.
While the Windows 10 Start Menu appears on the side of the screen, Windows 11 brings a fresh experience by sliding the menu bar at the center of the screen.


If you prefer, you could choose to move it back to the left side corner, as with Windows 10. Windows 11 has also done away with the live tiles feature on the Start Menu available in Windows 10.

In addition, Windows 11 comes with new icons on the Desktop, such as; the Control Panel and the File Manager. This allows navigating more easily.

More User Interface Upgrades on Windows 11 include;

  • New Task View experience.
  • New Windows Search experience.
  • Redesigned settings app for Windows 11.

2. Android Apps Integration

Integrating your phone applications into your computer makes it easier to access.
While this feature already existed in the Windows 10 system, they limited it to only users with specific phones and apps. Windows 11 comes with an upgrade. It allows its users to integrate all the phone apps hosted from the Amazon Appstore. That gives you the freedom to choose which apps you would like to be integrated into your computer.

As an added feature, Windows 11 optimizes touchscreen devices by including a new touchscreen keyboard. This feature is essential for users experiencing difficulties with their manual keyboards.

3. Microsoft Teams Adjustments

In Windows 10, Teams is not accessible in the Task Bar. With Windows 11, however, the icon is on the Task Bar, making it easier for you to access at any time.

Microsoft has also replaced the Meet Now feature on Skype available on Windows 10. Windows 11 has integrated it with Microsoft Teams, which comes in handy while having video and audio calls.


Although it might take a while for users to adjust to the changes, Teams helps co-workers meet more conveniently. It also has the advantage of not limiting how many people can join a single meeting and has no time limit.

4. Virtual Desktop Support

Windows 11 allows its users to set up multiple desktops at once. While the feature was present in Windows 10, it was much harder to set up and use.

Having multiple virtual desktops helps in organizing your work. Whether you are an employee or a student, you can toggle between desktops to make your job easier. This upgrade comes in handy for people with loads of work to do.

5. Transition from Screen to Computer

The new Windows 11 system comes with features involving a collection of apps that sit at the taskbar. They can be minimized and only come up when you need them. When you unplug from the monitor, you don’t risk losing your open windows or tabs. In Windows 10, this feature is not available.

The upgrade makes it easier for users to operate the computer without fear of losing any open windows.

A Microsoft account and a reliable Internet connection is required for a complete new device setup. Teams are installed as well due to high demand. On the task bar, there’s a little purple Microsoft teams icon made for team power users though you may remove it from the taskbar and uninstall it if you don’t use teams.

Unfortunately, there’s the steep system requirements which don’t allow update for computers manufactured before 2018.

Microsoft claims that all this requirements are mainly for safety purposes and are this strict and hardened to avoid cyber attacks.

Ways on How to Download Windows 11 for PC

Windows 11 was finally released on 5th October, 2021 and is available for users who currently have Windows 10 installed in their laptops and desktops. Those who downloaded the Beta version of Windows 11 are also eligible to upgrade for free.

If your computer is compatible, you can now install Microsoft’s newest Operating System using various ways discussed here. Microsoft is releasing the OS in phases so your device might not show the update option yet. You can manually download the Beta version if you don’t want to wait till mid 2022 for the final version.

These three options below are very important to note before installing the new Windows 11 in your computer.

√ Notification from Microsoft

It is advised to wait for the notification which is sent from Windows Update informing you that your device is ready for the Windows 11 upgrade. This is if you are currently using Windows 10.

√ PC Health Check App

Go to settings on your device and refer to the PC health check app to find out if your computer is compatible or qualified for the upgrade.

√ Windows Release Information Status

It is very important to check the Windows release information status which shows if there are any issues that may harm your device in case you upgrade to the new version.

You are also required to update any available updates in your computer before installing Windows 11.

Some of the ways on how to download Windows 11 without waiting include:

1. Downloading manually which is commonly used to download all the other previous windows versions.

To do this, go to –settings – update and security – windows update – check for update. If update is available, you will see feature update to Windows 11. Click download and install.

2. Using Windows 11 Installation Assistant which happens to be the best and simplest option. Download this and after ensuring that your hardware is compatible, choose run. Accept to agree to the licensing terms then install.


Once the program is fully installed, you have to restart your computer. It might restart severally but keep it on until completed.

3. After this, Create the Windows 11 Installation Media which is an option used to download a media creation tool for making a bootable USB or DVD.

That’s mainly for re-installing your windows version or if you want a clean windows 11 on either your new or old computer.

4. Windows 11 Disk Image comes in handy for users who want to create bootable installation media e.g. USB flash drive or DVD and those who want to create a virtual machine (ISO) to install Windows 11.

Since Microsoft released Windows 10 in 2015, this update is a major change to everyone who have been anticipating for the new Windows 11.

It is therefore safer to wait until you can fully access the finalized Windows 11 upgrade which is said to be mid next year. This will totally be determined by the age of your device and the hardware properties.

Windows 11 will be installed first on new and recent PCs, and then it will be distributed in bits to all Windows 10 users who meet the prerequisites.

To download Windows 11, sign in to your Microsoft account and go to the Download Windows 11 page.

Microsoft appears to have outsmarted Chrome OS in order to stay on top of the game, and more customers are likely to flock to Microsoft as a result. Challenges will inevitably arise, but we expect Microsoft to devote significant resources outside of their cloud services to assisting consumers in getting the most out of it.

It is clear that many people will embrace it because of the diversity and wide range of tastes it has brought on board.

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