Top 3 Alternatives to Zoom Video Conferencing and Meetings

top-3-alternatives-to-zoom-video-conferencing-and-meetingsVideo Conferencing applications are a saver in situations where you cannot be physically present, either you are working from home or trying to social distance. These applications have made it convenient to communicate with a huge number of people under one screen. You can feel connected and get your work done simultaneously without having a feeling of missing out.

One thing to consider while using any video conferencing application is the data safety and privacy of the users. Millions of people are using Zoom, but there have been instances of Zoom-bombing and troll breaches. People have complained about not feeling safe using Zoom anymore, hence they are looking for alternatives. We have enlisted the top three apps that you and your family or co-workers can use in place of Zoom.

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Alternatives for Zoom App

The news highlights are filled with instances of meeting interruptions on zoom from trolls and hackers. This has made users very cautious about their security and data safety. Some of the major companies like SpaceX, NASA, and Google have banned the use of Zoom for meetings. For the users looking for Zoom alternatives, we have compiled the top three conferencing apps.

You can choose from Google Meet, TeamViewer, and UberConference with the additional security features and functions to keep your data safe. About 300 people can join a Google meeting for huge announcements. TeamViewer allows convenient access to share screens and controls in the live meeting. While with UberConference, you can directly create video calls without any need for PINs.

1. Google Hangout Meets


Google meets one of the most popular video conferencing apps with high definition video and sound quality. The application gives the user a secure connection and freedom to connect to up to 250 people in a meeting, depending upon the version you are using. It is convenient to use and understand while keeping in concern the privacy of the users. The user can join the meeting after they have logged into their Google Account to have added security.


√ Live captioning

This feature allows the user to read and understand with the automatic real-time captions powered by Google’s speech. For now, it is available in English.

√ Device Compatibility

Users can join a Google meeting from any device that they use. The application is widely supported for Android as well as iPhone/iPad.

√ Preview Screen

You can preview your video and check audio before joining any meeting. This will help you set up your camera and mic to make sure you are looking presentable. The app also gives you information about who has already joined the meeting.

√ Adjust layouts and screen

The application has an automatic set up to switch to the active participants and content to save time.

√ Host Controls

You can mute or remove any participant at any time. To maintain the privacy of the user, only he or she can unmute their audio.

√ Screen sharing

You can share your screen for presentations or collaborate with the participants.

√ Live Chat

You can message, live share files, and links in the workgroup with all the participants. Note that the messages are only enabled during the meeting.


  • Huge number of participants.
  • Safe and secure with Google Account.
  • Readable live audio captions.
  • Audio and video preview.


  • Blurred pictures and whiteboards can be unfocused sometimes.
  • Unable to join meetings in one click.
  • Missing highlighter or pen to write.
  • Video and Audio lags.

2. TeamViewer


TeamViewer is a perfect solution to work with your colleagues while being on a video meeting and also to share your screen. You can easily correspond with your teammates on TeamViewer from any device. The screen share features and accessibility can come in handy while working.

The application offers different packages for commercial use. However, the basic conferencing features are available in the free version. A number of 15 participants can have a meeting together in a free version. This can be increased to 300 at just $19/ month charged annually.


√ Cross-Platform

TeamViewer is a cross-platform application that works on all devices like Android, iPhone, and desktop.

√ Screen Sharing

The application is predominant in the screen-share feature giving users the access to have presentations on audio as well as video calls.

√ Record the Call

The users can record the calls with time and date stamp for future uses and references.

√ Added Controls

The host has a number of controls like highlight or draws on the screen to live share in the meetings. Moreover, the host can assign different roles to the participant.

√ Adjustable Packages

You can customize the TeamViewer package according to the number of members of your team. The application was recently upgraded with Blizz by TeamViewer with plans starting from $6/ month.


  • Free for non-commercial use.
  • Safe and secure features.
  • Supportive client tech.
  • Remote access to users anywhere.
  • File sharing while on meetings.


  • Expensive packages for company use.
  • Unable to share large files.
  • Lags in the application.
  • Inaccessible for proxy servers.
  • Lack of versatility.

3. UberConference


UberConference is an HD video and audio conferencing app that allows the users to participate in the meetings anywhere and anytime. It has a voice recognition feature to concentrate on an active voice to reduce any lags.

The host can create a no PIN conference instantly and share the URL. The contacts can be selected on the go to schedule a meeting. It can accommodate up to 100 callers at a time. The verification of contacts can be done through social media for added security.


√ Create Conferences

The user can create instant as well as schedule video conferences.

√ Organizer controls

The organizer does not require a PIN to join the meetings. It is a cloud-based conferencing app that does not require logins. The user needs to click on the meeting URL. The conferences can also be recorded simultaneously in the meeting.

√ Social Media Integration

The users can see social media profiles like LinkedIn, Facebook, and Google+ of the participants. This is a unique feature to get to know the participants and communicate.


  • Clear voice recognition.
  • Record conferences.
  • Additional controls.
  • Anytime conferences.


  • Call dropping.
  • Echo issues with the audio.
  • Issues with direct URL.

Let’s Compare All of Them!!

Zoom Google Meets TeamViewer UberConference
Maximum 100 Participants 100 to 250 Participants 15 to 300 participants 10 to 100 Participants
3 paid versions ( Pro, Business, Enterprise) 1 paid version ( G Suite) 3 paid versions (C, Crew and, Company) 1 business paid version
Trolls and Zoom bombing incidents Added security with Google account Great technical and client support Instant conferences


1. Are these applications free?

Well, the basic version of all the mentioned applications is free. You can upgrade the applications with monthly plans depending upon your needs.

2. How are the applications safer than Zoom?

Zoom has become a ground for trolls and hackers to disturb meetings and classrooms. In an application, as Google meets, the users need to log in with their accounts in order to join the safe space of online meetings. Moreover, the additional safety and technical support of TeamViewer is user-centric.

3. Do applications work on all devices?

Yes, the applications can be installed on all the devices with different suitable versions.

App Installation on PC

With the cross-platform accessibility, the video conferencing applications can be installed on all your devices. You can download and install these applications on your Android as well as iPhone/ iPad. There are different versions of the above-mentioned video conferencing apps to work on your desktop and PC. You can also install these applications using Android emulators like BlueStacks Android Emulator and Nox App Player.


Your work meeting and family get-togethers in the time of social distancing can be made fun with these video conferencing applications. You can be connected and productive at the same time while not compromising with the safety of your team members and family over the video chats. Choose from any of these applications and move over Zoom and its horrific trolls.

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