How To Download, Install & Use ZOOM Cloud Meetings on PC (Windows & Mac)

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Video Conferencing Softwares have significantly changed the way we conduct our businesses. Unlike traditional times when there was always a struggle with time to reach meetings, these video conferencing applications have made things extremely simpler for everyone.

Zoom Cloud Meetings can be used for both personal and professional use. Using these applications, companies have been able to reach global markets with more ease and convenience. Video conferencing is highly helpful in increasing productivity, saving time, and promotes collaboration.

Zoom Cloud Meetings is one such application that is winning the internet with its good user experience and smooth functionality. More people are working from home in today’s time than ever before.

Thanks to Zoom Cloud Meeting, that has made the process easier for the people. This article will give you the knowledge about this fantastic software, from its features to the downloading process and its use. So let us dive in and start with knowing, what is Zoom Cloud Meetings.

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Zoom Cloud Meetings


Source: Google Play

It is a cloud-based video conferencing service that lets you communicate with people around the globe through chat, audio, or video calls. The application also offers several other features like easy file transfer, screen sharing, group video chat, and call recordings. This is why thousands of organizations use this software as their official communication medium within their organizations.

The two fundamental terms that you need to know in the Zoom Cloud Meetings are:

◊ Zoom Meeting

Zoom meetings are referred to as the meeting conducted by team members to discuss any official or non-official matters. A meeting can be initiated using the app, and the members can join through their webcams or smartphones. Zoom meeting is similar to any meeting conducted at your office. The only difference is there you are physically present, and here you are virtually present.

◊ Zoom Rooms

Zoom rooms are a professional setup that is done by larger organizations in order to conduct zoom meetings from their specific conference rooms. A hardware system dedicated to your zoom calls is established in a room that allows you to launch, schedule, and run zoom meeting with more ease. An additional subscription plan is required for those opting for this plan. However, this is only used by large scale organizations.

Features of Zoom Cloud Meetings

Apart from call conferencing and meetings, there are several amazing features in this app that makes it so popular among the people. Check out the below given best features of this app:

√ Data Transfer

One of the essential features of this app is an easy data transfer process. When you are in a meeting, there is always a need to share the data from one system to another. So this application allows you to send the data directly through its platform to the other team members.

√ Screen Sharing


Source: Zoom

Another feature that has high usability in offices is screen sharing. This feature allows you to share your screen with multiple team members. So, when you are leading a meeting and want to explain the project’s details to the team, there will be no issues. Simple share your screen and keep up with your meeting.

√ Virtual Background

You do not have to show your boring wall to people while sitting in a meeting. Zoom has added a new feature to their application, where you can set a different background location while you are talking to someone.

√ Waiting Rooms

Anyone who has a meeting id can directly jump into the meeting room. Hence it may affect the privacy of the conversation. Therefore, you can enable the waiting room feature that allows the administrator to decide who will be allowed in the meeting and who has to wait inside. You can send separately message the people waiting in the waiting room.

√ Integrated Calendars


Source: Zoom

Using the calendar integration feature, you can schedule and plan your meetings beforehand. Simply select the date and time and schedule the meeting using not more than five clicks. You can even add the participants of the meeting that is to be scheduled.

√ Personal Meetings

Zoom Cloud Meetings provides you a personal meeting ID that can be used to conduct one-to-one conversations with your team members. This feature is mostly used by the HR department and during the time of appraisals.

√ Appearance Enhancement

Nobody likes to get ready with their professional clothes on while working from home. Hence Zoom has added a new feature to the application that can enhance your appearance on the screen by applying an overall soft focus to the screen. This feature is also helpful in case you are facing issues with low and dim lighting.

Downloading and Installing Zoom Cloud Meetings on PC

Downloading the Zoom Cloud Meetings application is a fairly simple process. The software is available on all three platforms, Windows, Mac, and Android. You can enjoy its use on either one of them. Below given is the process for downloading them on different systems.

Zoom for Windows:

For installing Zoom Cloud Meetings on the Windows platform, go through the given steps:

  1. You can either go to your Windows store from the start menu and search for the ‘Zoom Cloud Meetings’. Click the add button and the application will automatically download it to your system.
    2. Another way to download this app is through your internet browser.
    3. Google Zoom Cloud Meetings download, and you will get an official link for downloading the app from the official website of Zoom.

Zoom for Mac:

Follow the given steps to download Zoom Cloud Meetings on your Mac system:

  1. Go to the apple store from your Macbook or any other Mac system.
    2. Search Zoom Cloud Meetings and press the install button.
    3. You can also download the same through your internet browser.
    4. Just Google Zoom Cloud Meetings Mac download, and you will get the official link for its downloading.

Installation Procedure

You need to follow some simple steps of instructions to install the Zoom Cloud Meetings on your PC. The instructions remain the same for both Windows and Mac systems.

1. In case you downloaded the software from the Windows Store or App store, the application will come by default installed on your system.

2. If you have a setup file on your hand, then double click the setup file to begin the installation process.

3. The system will ask for your permissions to install and use the software.

4. Then you will be asked to assign a space location where it will install all its files and folders.

5. Click on the Next button, and your software will get installed in a few minutes.

An alternative method using emulators

Another way through which you can install and use this application on your PC is by installing it on an Android emulator. There are several Android emulators available online, both for Mac and PC, that can help you run Android applications on your PC.


Bluestacks is a prominent Android emulator for Windows. For Mac users, Nox is a fantastic app player that functions extremely well in running all kinds of .apk applications.

1. Download the above-given Android emulator and install it on your Windows or Mac Systems.

2. Open when installed, and log in with your Google credentials.

3. Go to the Play store app from the main menu and search for the Zoom Cloud Meetings app.

4. Click the install button and enjoy using the application of your PC.

Learn to Use Zoom Cloud Meetings

After the installation, open the software by double-clicking on it. You will get a pop-up window asking you to sign in through your Zoom id and password. If you are totally new to the software, press the below given Sign Up button where you will have fill in a registration form and also opt a plan for yourself or the organization. Then log in with your Zoom id and password and start using the software.

A home screen will appear with multiple options that will allow you to use different features o the app after logging in. On the left panel, you can manage your profile, set up meetings, create webinars, and manage your recordings. On the right panel, you will get the actual working procedure of the application.

Wrapping Up

Zoom Cloud Meetings is a magnificent application that will give you the freedom to talk with your teammates and share files with ease. Working from home has become extremely simple with this amazing application. You can globalize your business through this app without consistently traveling from one location to another. So make use of this feature-rich application and make your business processes more efficient.

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