How To Install BlockerHero Porn Blocker For PC (Windows & Mac)

blockerhero-for-pcPornographic content has become the standard sex education tool for youngsters and children. However, it has led to various issues among youngsters too. Hence, Regulating this content on smartphones and other devices has become important at younger ages.

BlockerHero is an app that helps you to block pornographic and adult content on your smartphone since youngsters and children are exposed to pornographic content in greater quantities. Further, it also helps in improving productivity and focusing on the things that matter. BlockerHero is a free app available for both iOS and Android users.

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Why Must You Choose Blockerhero?

The Blockerhero blocks all types of adult content, including pornographic websites, videos, photos, and ads. You can also use it to block other distracting apps, such as social media platforms or games. Let’s look at some of its features which make it worth choosing.


Block Adult Content

The first and foremost feature of Blockerhero is that if this feature is turned on, you won’t be allowed to browse adult websites or content in your browser. This feature is also available on social media applications that include the above-mentioned words.

Uninstall Protection

With this feature, you can prevent uninstalling this application unless your accountability partner permits you to, making BlockerHero distinct from other applications. You need to have the device administrator’s permission (BIND_DEVICE_ADMIN).

Accountability Partner

You can include an accountability partner, so whenever you wish to disable or reset any blocker feature, you must ask your friend from the group.

Block Websites/Keywords & Apps

If you wish to block a website or app, such as a keyword, that keeps you from your goal or studying, you can block it from your blocklist page.

YouTube Safe Search

As a default feature, BlockerHero also blocks adult content on YouTube. Suppose you attempt to search for content that is considered to be harmful on YouTube. In that case, the app blocks access to the video immediately.

Focus Mode

This is crucial for those who want to be more focused and effective in their daily lives. Using this feature, you can choose a particular time-lapse as the main focus time and be productive, during which only SMS/Call and your customized apps are permitted, and other apps are restricted.

User Reviews on the Blockerhero app

The users have showered mixed responses about this app. It blocks only adult content, but not all of the internet is blocked by it. The other features are extremely well-designed as well. The subscription cost is extremely affordable. But again, certain areas need to be looked upon for improvement.

As reported by some users, there are some loopholes, like the slow working and getting disabled when the phone goes off. The developers should look into these aspects in the next update and make it more useful for its users and serve their purpose.

Get it for your computer here!

If you’re in your office and want to monitor your kids, it’s hard to continue watching your phone. Therefore, you will have to set up the program on your computer. For moving ahead, you need to install an Android emulator on your PC.

If we look at Android emulators available on the internet, There are a lot of options, and the most effective options are and The installation procedure for these emulators is quite easy.

You need to have a computer with the necessary specifications and adhere to the instructions displayed on the screen when installing.

NOTE: It is recommended to dedicate 10 minutes to the Android emulator to configure things to your requirements.

After the successful installation of the Android emulator on your computer, follow the steps given below to download the Blockerhero application!


  • Open the Android emulator and launch the PlayStore app within it.
  • On the app, sign in with your login credentials.
  • After successfully logging in, look for the Blockerhero application in the PlayStore search bar.
  • Please select the correct application and install it on your computer in no time.

Now, you can manage and regulate the content on your device and prevent yourself from searching or viewing any explicit content.


The app needs three permissions before it can proceed as it does. The Accessibility Service blocks adult-oriented websites and apps from your phone. The system alert window displays

an unblockable overlay on top of the adult content blocked. Then the Device admin app keeps users from uninstalling the BlockerHero application.

Hence, this article has provided sufficient information on the features and usage of the Blockerhero app. This indeed is a very useful app as it is a no-cost and user-friendly app that blocks pornographic and adult content from your phone. The app can help boost your productivity, enhance your focus, and prevent the temptation to look at explicit content.

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