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It can be frustrating to have an issue with your machine let alone explain the issue to the support team. Let’s say you actually get hold of the support team where you sourced any of your machines, what will you tell them? How will you explain to them? How will you get them to understand where the problem comes from?

Explaining your issue by word of mouth is frustrating but LogMeIn’s Rescue Lens app is the real deal to helping you explain your concerns. You can use the Rescue Lens app to video talk to support and explain your problem to them.

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How Does Rescue Lens App Work?

Sometimes when you need help fixing your devices you may need someone to walk you through the whole process. LogMeIn’s Rescue Lens app allows you to contact support through your camera, show them the problem with any of your devices and then let them walk you through the fixing process.


The app works if both you and support both have the app on their Android phones. The app is originally built to work on Android phones. This means that you can only download the app on your Android devices.

The app leverages the camera on your smartphone to showcase the problem at hand. With the help of your camera, you can choose to show the support team anything that you want to show them. They can then walk you through repairing whatever has an issue by using the audio on your phone.

How Is It Different From Google Lens

Well, Rescue lens is a totally different app from the Google Lens app. While the Rescue lens app is used to showcase problems with your devices, Google Lens is used to discover some items around you. For instance, if you don’t have an idea what animal you see at the park you can simply use Google Lens to explore the animal by picturing it. Google will then help you search for the image of the item on the internet and provide the information you need.

While Google Lens allows you to find more information about an item, Rescue Lens helps you fix your devices with the help of the support team.

How To Use Rescue Lens App

Apart from using this app to solve problematic issues with devices companies can also use it at work. How do you do this? It’s very simple. Simply download and launch the app. After launching it, contact the support team you intend to work with, they will send you a six-digit code that you can use.

Point your camera at the issue at hand and wait as the support agent directs you to solve the problem you may be having and that is it. The app does not have any extra charges that you may incur while using the app. You only need to download it, talk with your support agent and solve the device issue at hand.

How to Download Rescue Lens for Android

This is an easy peasy task. Most apps can easily be downloaded on your Android phone for free. This is the same for the Rescue Lens app. You can download it freely on your Android phone. You will need to have a Google account for you to access Google Play Store.


Google Play Store is the home to most Android apps just like the Rescue Lens app. If you do not have one you will need to create it before heading on to download the app on your phone. After setting up the Google account on your phone, simply head to the Google Play store and search for the Rescue Lens app. Install it and then you can start using it.

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How to Download Rescue Lens App for PC

This might not be easy peasy but it’s completely doable. All you need to have is an emulator to download the app on your PC. Most app developers only develop apps that are only compatible with Android phones and so is the Rescue Lens app.

So emulators help users to download the Rescue Lens app for PC. so what are emulators? Emulators are programs used to bridge two different OS. whether yours is a Windows 10 PC or Windows 7 you will still need to use the software to download an Android app for PC.

Luckily there are several emulators that you can use but Bluestacks and Nox App Players are the best and what we are going to use in this tutorial.

Downloading with Bluestacks emulator:

1. Download Bluestacks from their official website. You will need to confirm if your computer meets all the requirements of this emulator.

Mostly you will need to have enough space to avoid your computer from hanging. The software may cause your computer to hang if there is little space on your computer.

2. Open the Bluestacks app and log in to your Google account.

3. Visit the Google play store and search for the Rescue Lens app from the platform.


4. Click on the app and install it to start using it.

That s it! However, you need to know that the app only works hand in hand with the software so you will need to keep the software and avoid deleting it from your PC.

Download using Nox App Player:

1. With the Nox app player, you will need to download Rescue Lens APK file from a trusted site like 9Apps. Just like with any other file, you download from the internet, you need to be careful where you source the APK.

2. After the Rescue Lens APK file is on your computer, you can now download Nox App Player. Make sure that you download from their website and then you can install it.


3. After installation, look for the APK icon on the interface of the emulator and click on it. You will be prompted to go to the APK file that you downloaded earlier.

4. Choose the APK and the app will be automatically downloaded on your PC.

Rescue Lens app is a good app especially if you have several devices that need repairs and instead of carrying them to the support team you can use the app to get help.

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